The Best of Both Worlds

A Look into the Life of Melanie Meyer, Hospital Manager at East Town Veterinary Clinic

If I were to tell you one thing about myself it would be that I love people, even the difficult ones. I always silently chuckle when I interview someone for a position at our practice and they say they were drawn to the position because they would rather work with animals than people. It's rare we see a Golden Retriever walk in unsupervised, so good thing for me I love both people and pets!

HM Melanie Meyer dog BuddyI have been the hospital manager at East Towne Veterinary Clinic in Mequon, WI and a part of VetCor since 2006. Previously I owned a small family business, which can be tough. I ultimately wanted to use my strengths on something I was more passionate about while still being able to do some of the things I love, like building client relationships, creating social media and marketing initiatives, and helping to solve problems to make people’s lives better. I am so thankful I found what I was looking for, and more.

I have built many great friendships at East Towne Veterinary Clinic, some I know will last a lifetime. The way my team shares the workload always brings a smile to my face. Everyone is willing to pitch in, no one is too good to scoop the poop or pick up a phone call. Our three clinic cats Otis, Tonto and Tate (aka Tater Tot) always add an element of sass, cuteness, and adventure to our days.

I have a special interest in marketing and social media. I’ve really enjoyed being able to share the things I’ve learned with other Hospital Managers and having the freedom to collaborate with them and engage with the many other talented professionals within our family of hospitals.

As employees there is always a purpose for us at our workplace – to manage, to treat patients, to answer phones, to perform specific tasks, etc. Not often enough do we consider, "what can our employers do for us?" beyond the obvious paycheck and benefits. I have been lucky enough to watch VetCor evolve from a workplace that not only hires great people but has an initiative to make them even greater. The level of support and willingness to listen, engage, develop, guide and move things forward is unique and I am so glad I am a part of it.