Red Sox, Ruminants and Rhode Island

Dr. Portnoy with GoatsAnna Portnoy, DVM, is  Chief of Staff at Riverside Animal Hospital in Rhode Island. 

In 1999 as I was turning 40, I decided to change my life and go to veterinary school.

Once I made the decision to go to vet school, I went straight to night school (I had never taken a pre-vet science class before) and got a job as a technician in a friend’s animal hospital. My wife Sis and I sold our business and house and moved to Canada. I graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College at University of Prince Edward Island in 2007, and then moved back home to New England (I missed my family and of course, the Red Sox).

I have been with VetCor since September of 2012, first as an associate veterinarian and now as Chief of Staff at Riverside Animal Hospital in Rhode Island. I have always felt very supported by VetCor. Having spent most of my adult life reinventing myself, it was a huge relief knowing that the people I was working with were supporting me and helping me to reach my goal.

Last year, I attended the Chi institute to start my certification program in veterinary acupuncture. VetCor supported me during the program and connected me with another Chief of Staff within the network, Dr. Mark Russo of Kingston Animal Hospital, who became my friend and mentor throughout the certification program and beyond. It has been a very gratifying experience and I love seeing the wonderful results with my patients using that treatment.

I have had many different careers, but I am lucky to say that I love the one I have now. With the exception of a few days (don’t we all have them?), I love coming to work. I work with a great team, interesting clients and patients, and there is always something new every day. Riverside Animal Hospital is mostly small animals, but we do see a fair amount of goats, sheep and cattle. Some of the most interesting things I’ve had to do on the job include treating a sheep with a broken leg, and performing ruminant c-sections.

Being a Chief of Staff at a VetCor practice allows me to experience the satisfaction of running the hospital, while also allowing me the time to pursue my own personal interests. Today my wife and I own a small farm. We have a Donkey named Lola, two goats named Harvey Milk and Figaro, seven sheep, various chickens, turkeys, and three dogs named Molly, Lucy and Emma, as well as two wonderful grandchildren. I can honestly say that I’m fulfilled both professionally and personally!