Q & A with Karen Laurinas

We spoke with Regional Manager Karen Laurinas from St. John, IN to get the scoop on her career, life at VetCor, and the really important choices she makes in everyday life (like Pepsi or Coke).

Regional Manager KarenWhere did you go to school and what did you study?
I graduated from Purdue University in 2003. I have a dual degree in Marketing and Business Management with an emphasis in Human Resources.

What inspired you to get into the veterinary industry? I was intrigued by the opportunity to pair my love for animals with my love for management. I enjoy working with pets and people.

What’s your favorite part of coming to work every day? My favorite part has to be the team atmosphere. Everyone has a strong desire to put their all into their job, and it creates a wonderful environment for everyone.

How did you come to join VetCor? I was the Hospital Manager at a practice purchased by VetCor in May 2013. After several months, I found myself assisting other hospitals in our region that didn’t have a manager in place. I did this for a few years before being promoted to Regional Trainer in October 2015, and then ultimately promoted to Regional Manager at the end of 2015. VetCor has given me the opportunity to expand my role and meet many new people. The team approach that VetCor employs innately makes me feel great pride. I truly feel like part of a family!

What was the transition from private practice to VetCor like? My previous owner almost sold to another corporation. He ended up backing out last minute as the entire team (myself included) didn’t feel that the corporation had our best interests at heart. When the owner ultimately decided to sell to VetCor, I was incredibly nervous but felt better about their hands off/simply-support-when-needed approach. It didn’t take long before the entire team was on board and realized VetCor’s approach is the best of both worlds…it provides us with support when necessary, and the tools that we wouldn’t necessarily have access to as a private practice. I was also very impressed with how they value talented employees. They are committed to keeping the team happy.

You say that VetCor is committed to keeping their employees happy. How has being part of VetCor benefitted you? VetCor has provided me with the opportunity to expand my role and move up to different positions. They had faith in my ability as a Regional Manager and encouraged my development. Promoting from within speaks volumes about a corporation.

Of course, we want you to have a long and happy career with VetCor. But if you had to choose another career tomorrow, what would it be? Psychologist. I really enjoy helping people and listening to their problems. I like knowing that I could potentially makes someone’s day a bit easier. VetCor’s tailored approach to practice management allows me to use these skills every day as I work with my group of practices.

What do you do when you’re not at work? I spend time with my husband, Dale and two sons, Caleb (9-years-old), Landon (6-years-old) and our Golden Retriever, Kaylynn (named for Caleb & Landon).

One last important question: Pepsi or Coke? Coke…specifically, Diet Coke from McDonald’s…the taste is like no other!