Q & A with Cathy Doucette

We caught up with Cathy Doucette, CVT, in our latest Q & A session to get her thoughts on the veterinary industry and the transition to becoming a VetCor hospital. She has been a technician since 1998, and Head Technician at Kingston Animal Hospital in MA since 2006.

hm-kingston-cathyHow did you know that being a vet tech was the right job for you?
I have always had a love for animals. Growing up, we basically lived on a mini farm with chickens, rabbits, pigs, ducks, geese, cats, and dogs. But my passion for science and problem solving also played a huge part in my decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I'd be a forensic scientist in another life because I love solving mysteries so much!

What kinds of changes have you noticed in the veterinary industry over the years?
Two things come to mind: the wonderful advances in pain management for pets, and the progression of the veterinary technology career as a respected profession.

Tell us about your practice.
We are a small animal and exotics practice on the South Shore of Massachusetts that has been open since 1947. VetCor purchased Kingston Animal Hospital in November 2015.

What was that change like for the practice?
Most of the staff at Kingston Animal Hospital had been working here for 10+ years, so things had gotten a little stale. VetCor came in with a new set of eyes and added some structure for us. We are working much more efficiently now. They also plan to provide facility improvements later this year!

How has being a part of VetCor been for you?
I have a big interest in management, and after we became a VetCor hospital, I’ve been given more opportunities to explore this side of the business. I even plan on spending some time helping out in the main office one day a week soon.

Do you have any pets?
I have two horses, Graham and Lurch. Graham is a pony with your typical “pony-tude,” and Lurch is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse. I also have two cats - an orange female I got from the shelter named Sansa, and a Siamese I got from a breeder named Tyrion - and a miniature schnauzer from a rescue named Liza.

Final question: You spend a lot of time with animals all day, but what do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I’m usually at the barn hanging with my ponies and riding!