Meet Dr. Tania Germann: The Driving Force Behind Ashburn Village Animal Hospital

Dr. Tania Germann is the Chief of Staff at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital.

I have been a small animal veterinarian since 2009. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been very intrigued by the art of medicine and the fact that we can help sick animals. I volunteered at a small animal hospital in high school, and it was all history from there!

I am originally from Hawaii, received my undergraduate degree at Colorado State University, and then I obtained my DVM degree from the Veterinary School of Budapest in Hungary. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed the international education I received. There, I was able to see a lot of interesting diseases that we (thankfully) do not see in the United States.

I have been with VetCor since 2013, and it has been a very positive and rewarding experience. They have been the only corporation I have ever worked for but it has never felt like a “corporate experience.” It's more like a big family who always has your back and is always available for assistance in any moment of a crisis. I first joined VetCor as an associate veterinarian at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital and later accepted the Chief of Staff (COS) position. I accepted the COS position knowing that I would definitely receive the guidance and support that I needed for the VetCor team.

I love my position and the daily challenges that is brings with it. No two days are the same and I appreciate that I always have a healthy balance of running a practice to be vibrant and successful, managing my amazing staff, exercising my veterinary skills, and working to develop a cohesive doctor team. I have enjoyed seeing how medicine has evolved over the years and how technological advances have benefitted pets by helping us do our jobs better, quicker, and easier. When I am not caring for animals at work, I enjoy training for triathlons in the spring and summer. My biggest goal would be to complete an Ironman. I also enjoy visiting wineries, traveling, cooking and eating (when I’m not on a strict training regiment).

I have two rescue cats at home, one, Keko, from my vet school days in Hungary and another one, Uno, from the streets of Baltimore, on which I performed my first enucleation. I love dogs and cats, but for some reason I feel like I’m more of a cat whisperer, where I can understand their commonly misunderstood persona and cat owners absolutely appreciate that. I even get a rush from fractious cats and always love a challenging cat wrangling appointment!

All in all, working at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital and for VetCor has been very rewarding both in terms of my growth as a veterinarian and as a leader.