Kaity Blackburn: Animal Lover, Science Junkie and VetCor Acquisition Manager

Kaity Blackburn dog BreezewayThis picture shows me with one of the first animals I remember interacting with as a kid – a Dalmatian named Breezeway who lived next door. I’m happy to confirm that Breezeway chewed those sticks I fed him thoroughly, with no foreign body surgery needed!

I’m very lucky to have a family that supported my natural curiosity from a young age and exposed me to the kindness and companionship that everyone in the veterinary world knows our pets provide. Special shout out to my Mom for all the Saturdays walking rescue dogs at our local animal shelter together, and to my Dad for teaching me the science and art of aquarium set ups!

Fast forward to adulthood, and my interest in animals and science never waned. I graduated from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada where I combined studying animal biology and business and worked in research at Ontario Veterinary College in the pathobiology department. Later, while volunteering at the Toronto Humane Society, a former TNR (trap, neuter, release) cat with a laid back attitude adopted me as his owner and now enjoys a spoiled life indoors.

When the time came to transition back to the United States after being on an extended work permit at a marketing business, I narrowed my job search to animal-related industries. The folks at VetCor and I decided we were a great fit for each other, and everyone I met through the process was very helpful and engaged as I navigated moving home to the Midwest. I have felt welcomed with open arms (and paws!) to this special organization from the start.

My role in the VetCor acquisitions team involves traveling within the Midwest to visit with private veterinary practice owners who are curious to hear about our unique and collaborative approach to partnership, as they consider the future. I especially enjoy being a VetCor connector, encouraging dialogue and shared perspective amongst potential future and current VetCor folks. I also love to learn, so spending time amongst veterinary professionals is the perfect environment to observe and learn new things each day.

It’s a pleasure contributing to the introduction, smooth transition, and successful integration of new practices to the VetCor family. My excitement soars when I hear people say that they have been pleased with joining VetCor and feel that, not only is the unique culture of their practice preserved but also that their tailored way of practicing medicine and serving the community continues to be top priority. Being a part of VetCor is been truly fulfilling for me, as I get to combine my love for working with both people and pets.

To wrap up this up like a true Chicagoan, I feel it is absolutely necessary to end this blog post (and every sentence for the near future) with a “GO CUBS, GO!"