Doing the Right Thing

Amber Hansen is Practice Support Coordinator at VetCor and proud mama of Ted, a 3-year-old Siberian cat who is incredibly social, loves having his teeth brushed, and is trained to fetch, sit, stay, lay down and high five.

Amber Hansen back in her vet tech daysLike most, if not all of the people at VetCor, I was "bitten by the animal bug" at a very early age. I initially aspired to be a marine biologist, until I found out that you actually get little to no interaction with the animals in that field.

As I struggled with deciding on a career path, I also considered technology because it runs in the family. My late grandfather was a key person in the history of the personal computer. He designed Intel's first product and the world's first 64-bit SRAM memory chip in 1969. However, I wanted to stick with my love for animals, so I pursued veterinary medicine.

I now have over 12 years of veterinary industry experience. Beyond the obvious passion for animal care, I have also enjoyed watching the industry grow, in part due to the emergence of the "Human-Animal Bond," and advances in biotechnology that have amplified our knowledge, testing, and treatment options.

I started out as a Veterinary Technician and worked in private clinics for seven years. Early on, I felt quite content with the idea of being a technician forever and didn't have the desire to become a veterinarian. A few years later, I became a Certified Veterinary Technician, and shortly after got engaged, moved, my commute became a disaster, and I was burnt out. I figured that if I was going to look for a new job, I should move on to something else. VetCor ended up being the perfect fit – I could stay in the industry I loved, but do something a little different.

Coming from private clinics, I only knew of two large corporate veterinary groups (neither being VetCor). I learned that if a corporation bought a clinic, it was bad news – they will fire everyone, tell you what to do, and "all they care about is money." Before I applied to VetCor, I researched the company, which showcased a much different approach. Their unique principles were reiterated during my interviews, so I decided to give it a chance.

I never really think of work as "work" – it's so much more than that. I enjoy supporting our growing family so they can keep providing excellent care to animals. I love that every day is different, and the Hingham Office and our practices are like one massive collaborative team environment.

Is this the corporate nightmare that I was told it would be? Absolutely not. And I'm not just saying that because I work here. This October marks my five year anniversary with VetCor, and I have to say that it is the least "corporate" veterinary corporation out there.

We offer an excellent opportunity for current practice owners to focus on being veterinarians, encourage and support career growth and new ideas, and most importantly, encourage each clinic to practice medicine as they see fit. Yes, there is some focus on finances – that's necessary when running a business – but moreover, there is an insurmountable focus on "doing the right thing" for patients and clients, and that makes me feel great about everything we do.