A Farewell Message from Intern Zach

Intern Zach DarschHey there everybody. I’m back again on the VetCor blog, but this time bearing some bad news. My time as an intern at VetCor’s home office has officially come to an end.

Where has the summer gone? It feels like just yesterday I was strolling into my first day at the office, and now today is my last as the Marketing Intern. These past three months with VetCor have been an awesome experience for me, and one I will truly miss while sitting in class listening to professors read off PowerPoint slides. Except for the postcard reminders – I may not miss tearing those.

The marketing team provided me with a good mix of work, so I never found myself getting bored at my desk. As I touched on before (link), I spent a good chunk of time updating and adding content to all of our practices’ websites to improve their visibility on Google and enhance the user’s experience. Along with that, I have created social media calendars, updated Yelp, Facebook, and other online profiles, and familiarized myself with Google Analytics.

I have learned a ton in the field of marketing this summer that will surely help me out in my future. Along with the business knowledge, I have also been able to learn a lot of various life lessons while here. I saw Angela go through the process of buying a house and Kendall prepare for her wedding. Both are things that I will go through at some point in my life, and I am already mentally preparing myself for all that after seeing how much really goes into it. I also learned that birthdays are meant to be celebrated for months, and months...and months, thanks to Kimbers. Oh yeah, and with lots of sweets, too. Melissa was able to teach a 21-year-old college boy how to decorate for parties, including a bridal brunch. One day, I will certainly be able to impress my girlfriend with those new skills.

Thank you VetCor for welcoming me into your office and giving me such a great experience this summer. And a special thank you to the marketing team – Diana, Melissa, Angela, and Kimbers, for showing me the ropes, answering all my questions, and really helping me develop as a marketer and person.