About Us

How we help practices thrive

Successful practices must constantly be thinking about ways in which they can improve themselves - from quality of care to customer service. VetCor gives practice teams the time and resources to stay on the forefront of the latest technologies, best practices, service enhancements, and operational efficiencies - essentially, it allows them to do what they do best.

Our Style 

  • Patient and Client needs first 
  • Respect for local leadership and practice identity 
  • Provide personalized care, not standardized care
  • Learn from each other and help each other
  • Continuously improve what we do
  • Be a positive problem solver and team player

Why We are Thriving 

We help our practices to grow, evolve and excel in an increasingly complex environment.

With a spirit of collaboration, VetCor provides key resources and knowledge sharing to enable our partners to expand and grow their practice, while maintaining the work-life balance that is essential to a healthy and vibrant operation.

We provide the opportunity for practice owners to sell without sacrificing their legacies.

The relationships you have established with patients, families and the community mean everything. VetCor fully maintain each practice's name, identity, medical authority and community relationship. 

We share the best practices through our extensive peer-support network.

VetCor has built a collaborative network of more than 100 veterinary practices. As a result, we can offer an unsurpassed peer-support resource that provides each practice with the latest in best practices for quality care, business operations, and more.